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Something about me

I welcome all inquiries regarding Mastiffs in general and my dogs in particular.  Please be patient if you call, as returning phone calls does not always triage to the top of the priority list.  Email is usually best.  If you don't hear back in a day or two, a gentle reminder is welcome.


I strongly believe in making use of all of the tools available when making breeding decisions.  Breeding dogs is not a singular event; if successful, the resulting puppies have a very real chance of impacting the breed as a whole.  In order to protect the breed, responsible breeders perform as many relevant health screens as possible on the prosective parents.  All results, positive and negative, are disclosed to people who have an interest in them.  I have found this to be not only the most honest, realistic and transparent way to present Castlemist Mastiffs, but also necessary in protecting our beloved breed. 

Castlemist litters are a fairly rare event.  I breed only when I am ready to keep a pup for myself.  The puppies I don't keep are placed in loving forever homes.


In case you're curious, during the day I am a psychiatric NP.  I work with a great group of people who serve families and children who have experienced trauma.  I have two wonderful grown children, one in school to become a pysch nurse herself and the other serving our country in the USAF. 

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