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Ch. Audley Mummah's Maia, TT


My sweet mommah's girl just gets better with time.


Maia was five months old when she came home to live with me, but it's hard to remember a time before she was an integral part of life.  Maia is a natural at so many things: therapy dog, traveling companion, footwarmer and cat groomer.


Maia is incredibly gentle, but will also diligently guard her home and family.  She has a way of conveying the message that she understands you and means only to share some of your time and affection... and maybe some lunch, yes?

Maia earned her Championship completely owner-handled.  She won the Amateur-Owner Handled class at the Wisconsin National Specialty and also her Temperament Test title at that show.

Maia has been among the best Mastiff moms of all time, caring for her brood beautifully and faithfully.  That is not always the case in this breed!  Maia is an active and beloved therapy dog.  She is one of a kind.  I am so very grateful to share my life with this special girl.

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