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Colortyme's Advancing Throttles Now @ Castlemist


Pilot was predestined to become my boy.


For decades, I thought a harlequin Dane would be a perfect fit here along with the Mastiffs.  I did not set out looking for him the way I usually do for a puppy.  In fact, Pi was here just a few weeks after I first saw his picture on FB.  It never happens that way!


Everything seemed to come together beautifully, and who was I to argue?  His wonderful breeders, Tina and Dave Monell of Colortyme Danes have been a great resource just as breeders should be, and they have also become friends. 


Check out these parallels: Dave is retired Air Force.  My daughter recently joined the Air Force.  (This was the Colortyme Air Force litter: Pilot, Angus and Yeager.) Tina is a nurse, I am a nurse.  My very good friend Chantel Johnson, a longtime Dane owner-breeder-handler, has shown both the mother and grandmother of this litter for Tina.  The litter's father was bred by Chantel's mentor, Susan Davis Shaw.  Chantel and Sue have also been wonderfully helpful in this endeavor.  It was destiny, just as I said.  You just can't make this stuff up!


That said, I was warned about the energy level of the harls, and I went ahead anyway.  So glad that I did!  We all survived the transition, and after the first year Pi has now settled into a daily pace that meshes if not matches with the Mastiffs.  He will forever have a place in my heart.  


Pi is smart, willing (sometimes willful), sweet, funny, charming and so very loving.  Thank you, Tina and Dave, and also Chantel and Sue.  Marcia and Peter Roddy as well, who spent many of their own Saurday afternoons and weekday evenings answering a very long string of questions and demonstrating ear taping for me, though they are only related as far as also having Danes.  The Great Dane community has been very welcoming and kind, much like the gentle giants who connect us to each other.


Pilot will be doing conformation, obedience, agility and possibly tracking.  Hey, better to keep him busy, right?


DOB: 4.24.2013


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